Dall Sheep Hunts

Our hunting areas produce some
of the best Dall Sheep trophies in
the world. Our clients have
consistently taken three to seven
rams a year that are over 40."
Mountain Caribou Hunts

With a typical season harvest of 30
caribou, five to eight make the
record book. There may not be a
better opportunity in the north to
obtain a record book caribou.
Alaska/Yukon Moose Hunts

Typically the ten to twelve moose
harvested by our clients each year
range from 57" to 72" inches
with an average of a 60" spread.
A couple Moose usually make the
record book each year.

The Experience
Due to the shortness of the season and vast hunting area, we have found we have the best results getting into almost inaccessible areas backpacking using packdogs. This allows our guides to take hunters into remote areas to harvest tremendous quality trophies. The dogs can carry from 30 – 40 lbs allowing hunters to pack mainly their own gear (approx. 15 – 30 lbs).

Hunters need to be in fairly good shape to hunt, however we have had a number of hunters from 50 to 70 years of age who have amazed themselves. We feel that it depends more on the hunter's mental attitude as much as their physical ability. We like to see a hunter go out with the idea of having a good hunt and a great time judging rams. The bonus is taking a ram in the 40" class but knowing that the hunter can still go home happy with an old 37" to 38" ram.

>> Visit the Trophy Gallery to see some of our Past Hunting Successes

Hunting Dates and Bookings-

~Please call or email for our
new rates

Sheep Hunts
Duration: 1 – 10 days
Dates: July 14, July 24, Aug 4, & Aug 15

Sheep & Caribou Hunts 
Duration: 1 – 12 days
Dates: July 24, Aug 4, & Aug 15

Sheep, Moose & Caribou Hunts
Duration: 1 – 12 days
Dates: Aug 26           

Moose & Caribou Hunts
Duration: 1 – 9 days
Dates - Sept 7, Sept 15                            

Caribou Hunts
Duration: 7 days
Dates: Sept 23, 29     


Wolf & Wolverine included in all hunts

Hunts do not include air charter to and from camp and Norman Wells..

The rate for a non-hunting companion is US $350 per day.

One third deposit is required to secure booking with a further third due April 1st. Balance is payable at commencement of hunt in Certified Cheque, Money Order, cash or Traveller's Cheques.

Hunting Licences
Hunting licence and wildlife tags of each specie must be obtained before hunting.

Trophy Fees
Apply for Sheep, Caribou, Moose:
Apply for Wolf & Wolverine
Trophy Feesare due & payable to the Government after game is taken.

Sheep season commences July 15
Caribou, wolf & wolverine season commences July 25
Moose season commences September 1
Small Game (ptarmigan) season commences September 1

We suggest hunters dress in layers and pack less extra clothing as it is extra weight
for something that is rarely used or only used for a short time.  The hunter and guide
can sort through their gear at camp and leave the excess for when they return for a
shower and resupply approximately half way through the hunt.  Please keep your
gear to a minimum for transportation in small bush aircraft.

GEAR LIST (For Later Hunts)
Airline tickets & Passport
Backpack, internal or external frame - 3500-5000 cubic inches
Sleeping bag – to 10º F
Thermal pad
1 pair each leather (snow sealed) & rubber bottomed comfortable hiking boots
Rain Gear
Long Underwear (warm synthetic) top & bottoms
Wool or down jacket, layers – vest, wool/fleece shirt, pants
Insulated hat & gloves (Sept.)
Wool/Synthetic sox, bring extras
Water shoes or crocks (to wear while your boots are drying)
Camera, extra memory card & batteries
Rifle & 2 boxes ammo
Flashlight or headlamp (optional)
Personal articles (chap stick, bandaids, second skin etc)
Extra duffle bag & duct tape for cape and horns
Hunting knife

Spotting Scope
Range finder
Lightweight fishing gear

Average September temperatures range from daytime highs of 60º F to nighttime
lows of 15º F.  It can rain or snow any month of the year in the mountains. For
September hunts please keep your duffle to a maximum of 60 lbs (including rifle).

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