Our territory runs from Norman Wells - southwest to the Yukon border. This amazing area rivals any place in the world for its natural beauty and quality of game.

Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters operates will equipped permanent base camps within our area that are accessible by air. From these camps hunters and their guides are flown to spike camps. This allows us to suit individual fitness and preference levels. The more good physical conditioning you are able to do the more enjoyable the hunt will be.

We are proud Canada is still one of the safest and most accessible countries left to hunt. Direct flights are available from most cities to Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta. Once in Alberta, Canadian North Airlines has daily couple hour flights to Norman Wells (population 882). Hunters should arrive in Norman Wells on the day prior to their hunt and are met at the airport by Stan, NorthWright Air representative, or your Hotel. When you arrive you will be flown directly to camp that afternoon (depending on weather conditions permitting). Excess gear and hard gun cases should be left at the hotel before departing for the hunt for to obtain once they return from the night before leaving Norman Wells. The next day, Export Permits are obtained and packaging of antlers can be done prior to departure at approximately 3.00 p.m with Air Canada. Reservations will be made on behalf of the client at the hotel. Room and meals in Norman Wells are the responsibility of the hunter.

Passports are now required to enter and return from Canada, even if driving. Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters will forward Hunting Licence and Gun Registration Application information and forms.

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